About us

GuruPress was launched in ultimo 2017 as a platform to share what we’ve learned
after having worked with hundreds of bloggers in the past. If you’re using WordPress
then this is defintely one blog you want to keep an eye on

We hope to make others happy with our blog posts and content. If you are having just a little bit more fun and feel motivated to post on your own blog, when reading our posts, then that is what makes us smile. If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Our team


Michelle Tan

Branding expert and former influencer manager, Michelle knows everything related to the business of blogging. Yoga is a number one priority in her spare time.

Nick Parker
WP Expert

Software Developer and all-round expert in anything IT-related. Nick gives his assistance when things get too technical. When not working, he is sipping his coffee.