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Why you should use Youtube to post videos

Wordpress also offers the ability to upload videos on your blog – should you do that? Real quick: NO! Here’s why:

Youtube is a platform made specifically for uploading, viewing and sharing videos. WordPress on the other hand is made specifically for blogging/websites. While you could theoretically do both on both platforms, it’s far from the ideal solution.

You are missing free exposure by not using Youtube

When you upload your video on WordPress, it’s not part of a community like Youtube. That means, the only people who will stumble upon your video is the people on your blog.

If you would upload a video on Youtube, other people watching youtube may stumble upon your videos, they may then go visit your website (If you make sure to link you website in the description) and they might follow either your youtube channel, your instagram, your blog or whichever.

The point is, that extra instagram follower maybe only found you because he coincidentally came across your video on youtube. It could be because he searched for similar content, it could be that it showed up in the related videos sidebar or just because it randomly came up.

Had you uploaded the video directly on WordPress instead, you would have missed that follower.

Now multiply that with the millions of possible exposure hits you could receive for each video you have on youtube.

Setting up a Youtube channel

Setting up a Youtube channel is easy, it will only take you a few minutes. If you don’t know how here’s a quick guide from Google on how to “Create a new channel“.

A few things that you should keep in mind, even if you don’t plan on uploading videos regularly.

  • Get a suitable channel name matching your blog / name
  • Make sure to link all your social media profiles in your youtube channel
  • Write short descriptions in the video and make a link that points to your blog
  • Make a channel profile + cover photo for your youtube channel
  • Give your videos good titles + tags that will allow other people to find them via search

Posting a video from youtube in WordPress is simply a matter of putting in the youtube link in the text and WordPress then automatically inserts it into your post. It couldn’t be any easier.

Of course uploading your videos through youtube first and then linking them in WordPress does involve a few more steps than uploading directly via WordPress, but there are far more advantages to doing it this way.

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