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The difference between posts and pages

If you’re starting out on WordPress, you might be a little confused about the difference between pages and posts.

As a beginner, you are probably wondering what is the difference between them? It seems to have similar fields in the dashboard. It seems to look the same on the website. Why do I need both? When should I use posts? When should I use pages? In this article, we will explain the difference between posts vs. pages in WordPress.

What are Pages?

These are your static pages. Those that don’t change unless they are edited. Examples of typical pages would be: About, Services, Contact, Disclaimer, etc.

These pages are for information that will be a permanent part of your website/blog. For example, an About or Contact page will always be relevant.

You don’t want users to comment on your contact page, or your legal disclaimers page. Just like you probably don’t want others to tweet your privacy policy page in most cases.

What are Posts?

Posts typically appear in a blog. They are written on a regular schedule and one of their key purposes is to keep your site fresh with new content. If you are using WordPress as a blog, then you will end up using posts for majority of your site’s content.

Posts encourage conversation. They have a built-in commenting feature that allows users to comment on a particular topic.

With Posts you also have the option to group them together in different categories. So if you’re running a blog with different topics, you would want to group your posts together in categories like: Fashion, Lifestyle or Beauty – whichever category would be suitable. This way, when people search the category “Fashion”, only posts related to fashion will come up.


As you see, it’s really quite simple once you know the key differences between the two. If you’re writing something that will forever stay relevant and should be easily accessible on your site through a menu, you should use a Page. Typically you will never have more than 2-5 total pages on a blog, but then maybe 300+ posts.

If you’re using WordPress for a business-website, you may have 18 Pages, and no Posts at all. It all depends what you’re using WordPress for, but hopefully our little guide helped you out!

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5 comments on “The difference between posts and pages

  1. Honestly when I was setting mine up I was so confused it’s not easy!


  2. Thank you. I categorized my posts but they only show up in the blog scroll, not the individual categories I have in each drop-down section, why is this?


    • Hi there, you’re most welcome. It sounds like you may not have linked the categories correctly in your menu.

      We often see people incorrectly create Pages with the category names they have and then from the Menu link to those pages instead of linking to categories directly.

      If you go into your Menu settings, in the left-hand side you will see an option called “Categories”, that is where you need to add them.

      I was unfortunately not able to see your site as it is marked as Private but I requested an invite to have a look so I can see exactly what went wrong for you 🙂 If you either accept the invite or make the site public then I can tell you more in detail what went wrong!


  3. Thanks for the response! I figured it out right after I hit send to contact you, yay! Exactly as you said, changed pages to categories and great now. I am very new, and SCARED to go live yet, I want to debut my Fashion/Lifestyle site in a neat and orderly fashion, not jumbled and confusing, never expected this learning curve, I am usually a “whiz bang” learner, WordPress is humbling, ugh!…. It makes me overthink things for some reason. I use Dara, and want my front/home page to have a standard “hello” at the top, is this a sticky post? And then show a grid format of style pictures with excerpt just below so that visitors can click on a photo instead of one article at time scrolling vertically. I am getting crazy with that now. Thanks for any help, if I need to let it go live for you to look, I can, but it makes me nervous 😀


    • Hi again, yes that’s exactly what I thought went wrong 🙂

      WordPress is very easy once you get the hang of it, but as with anything there is a small learning curve and depending on which design or how you want to setup your site it can get a little tricky.

      For the Dara design, I don’t think you can organize your frontpage in the manner you explained. The Dara theme seems to use a fixed page for the frontpage like in the demo (https://darademo.wordpress.com/). Where you can only show featured posts on the top. The featured posts on top will only show when they have a certain tag you setup from the theme customizer, and then mark the posts you want shown with that tag.

      We’re writing up a post on how to setup frontpages in the near future so you’re welcome to subscribe/follow our blog to get more tips on that if you want 🙂 Otherwise we already have a bunch of small blogging tips that may be of interest to you as a new wordpress user.

      I will be sure to keep an eye on your site when you launch! 🙂

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