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iPage hosting review

iPage is one of the most recommended hosts based on price and features. They offer a One-click WordPress installer and are owned and run by the same company that also runs BlueHost, among many others.

Quick Overview

Originally started in 1998, iPage Hosting now has offices in six worldwide locations serving over one million websites between two data centers in the U.S. Because of their data-centers being located in the US only, you should keep that in mind if your traffic is mainly non-US traffic.

What really sets iPage apart from the competition is their price and the value they offer. The value is unbeatable. It is without a doubt the host that offers the best value for the price of just $1,99. While comparable hosting companies like BlueHost or HostGator offer the same features, you don’t get them in their standard plans and you would pay 4x as much or more.

Some key features:

  • FREE domain registration
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited domain names & WordPress installations
  • $500 in Free Marketing Coupons – (Adwords & Bing etc.)
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Part of the very trusted Endurance brand!

Important thing to consider when going cheap!

While iPage has the cheapest plan available, there is one thing you need to take into consideration first.

NONE of their shared plans include an SSL certificate for your blog, not even their WordPress Plans. An SSL certificate is what tells your browser that the website you are visiting is “safe”. It’s often shown with a green lock next the the website address.

So why is this important? Well, it’s of course always good to show your visitors that your site is safe and secure, but most importantly: When your blog is already on, it uses their SSL certificate, if you then choose a host without SSL – your readers will suddenly get a big warning that the website they are trying to view isn’t any longer secure.

If you want SSL included for your hosting, then that is something you would have to pay extra for, making your the price equal to that of another WordPress Recommended host like SiteGround. Their plans are only $3,95/mo including free SSL. (Read our SiteGround review by clicking here)

Besides the SSL certificate not being included, you really get everything else and at an unbeatable price. While performance may not be the best, it’s sort of a matter of “you get what you pay for”. If you’re looking for the cheapest possible solution, then iPage is a perfectly good choice to start out with.

iPage Vs BlueHost?

Now we earlier mentioned that iPage is run by the same company that also runs BlueHost, so let’s just try and put the two up against each other, to see which of them would give you the best value, if you’re looking to the get cheapest possible webhost.

Below we’ve compared the cheapest plans both of them offer against eachother.

Webhost: BlueHost iPage
Cheapest Plan: $3.95 $1.99
SSL Included: No No
Daily Backups: No No
Performance: Standard Standard
Webspace: 50GB Unlimited
Server locations: 1 2

As you see, iPage would actually be the better choice between the two and it’s important to remember that the only reason why BlueHost is more expensive is because of its brand. The same reason why you pay 100% more for well-known brands, even if other products are just the same (or often better).

If you can stretch your budget a just few dollars per month, we would however still recommend SiteGround above the two, simply in terms of raw performance and features.

Get 75% Discount with iPage

If you want to learn more about iPage, have a look at their website by following the link below. Using the link also gives you an additional 75% discount if you decide to use them as your host.

Go to iPage

If you’re coming from, then maybe you want to check out our detailed Step-by-step guide on how to migrate from to Self-hosted WordPress.

Please note that we have commercial relationships with the above mentioned hosts, but that it does not effect our opinions. Our review is solely based on facts and experience. Using our links will not cost you anything extra, in fact you get a special discount you wouldn’t get otherwise!

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